How I am

Today we share a poem written by a young women who has been in the detention center for a very short time. She wrote it on a Saturday morning while resting on a blanket on the grass and making paper flowers.

How I Am

I’m painting a self-portrait.
I choose the colors that I like the most,
red, white, green and light blue.

Red because it’s the color of the blood that we carry in our bodies.
I like white because it represents sanctity and pureness for God.
Green represents blessings, because God, just like nature, is green.
Light blue because it’s the color of the sky.

In the background is nature because it is God’s creation.
In my hands is a paintbrush to be able to draw.

In my face you will see an immense joy,
you will see the face of God in my reflection.
A smile so that all my family will see that in me there is a joy
and through me lives God.

They will see that I am happy,
a joyful, caring and understanding person.

I will give the self-portrait to my family because I won’t see them this year.
I want them to see that I’m not the same person that they left years ago,
neither am I the person who a year ago decided to hang out on the street
I’m not the same because God has changed my heart.

The title will be “How I Am’.


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