For My Friend

Posted by: Olivia

The following letter was written by a young woman to her best friend, whom she was ordered to kill in order to prove her loyalty to the gang. She told me simply and without pretext, “there is a saying: you either kill or they kill you.”  She says that these days she feels forgiven, but that sometimes she thinks about how this friend who died when she was 14 would have grown up, and where they could be now, and what they would do together.

For My Friend


My Dear One,

My friend.  I loved you so much.  We had good times together, and bad times, but we got to know each other, to know what we liked and what we didn’t like.  We learned to understand each other, to read each other’s gazes, we knew how to support eachother in really tough situations.  We learned to enjoy each moment that we spent together, despite our environment.  We made our own world in which no one else existed, just you and I.  We had problems, but we always forgave each other.  Neither one of us could live separated from the other.

We always counted on each other, but in the end you made a mistake that separated us forever.

I know that you are well, you are resting from all the bad that exists in this world.  I know that you are still with me in every good thing that happens to me, and also when I have problems.   Maybe I can’t see you but I know you are there.

I know that right now you are seeing what I’ve written.  I know that you are laughing alongside of me for the crazy things that I do, and you are happy because I have managed to change what I wanted to change even though you couldn’t.  You will always be in my heart and in my mind, and you will always be my little sister like you always said to me.

I’ll end this letter but I am not going to say goodbye because I know that one day we will see each other again…


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