I Hate…

Published By: Olivia

The following poem is the result of a conversation I had with one of the more severe girls in the center in which I asked her about things that made her happy.  I asked her if she liked music, babies, flowers, tasty food, hanging out with friends.  According to her, ever since she was little what she most likes is the darkness.  She says it is fun to hate.


Young Woman, age 17

that they want to tell me what to do
that they talk to me hypocritically
that they only need me when they need something
I don’t like when they lie to me.
that the girls from the other gang want to feel bigger than me
that they think they’re real tough and can domiate or control us
This will never happen.
that they are gossipy, busybodied idiots.


I hate the whole world.
I hate my best friend for being stupid, being dumb
Why the hell did she have to give her pussy to a man who didn’t know how to value it?
My teacher from preschool—yeah, I hate her
She should squeeze her own ass and not my arm,
My neighbors for being dumb and nosy
Why the hell don’t they bother with their own lives…that’s why they’re all jacked up
I hate police, I detest them.
I hate when people scold me.


It’s fun to hate
Because at the same time it makes me laugh
I feel like it’s a joke
These are things tat I hate, and they’re things that people do, but still I hate them more
I think about this and it makes me laugh
For a moment I forget it, but then after
I hate it more
                        …and it makes me laugh more.


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