If They Could Speak

Posted By: Olivia

If They Could Speak

 Young Woman, age 15

If my hands could speak when hugging someone maybe they would say what they feel while hugging them.  They would say that they have touched a little bit of everything and that when caressing someone, just seeing them they would say what it is they feel.

If my feet could speak they would say how tired I am from walking where they want, through puddles, mud, floors, hills.  Our feet are our lives.  They carry all our weight, and for this reason are connected with our mind and heart.  Our heart and our mind carry our feelings, thoughts, strengths, weaknesses.  They are like our feet because from one moment to the next we feel like we can’t continue and want to stay where we are, but life goes on.  Although sometimes we pay for the errors of other people.

If my eyes could speak with one look they could say to someone without using my mouth how much I love them, how much I hate them, how much I missed them.  They would tell all my experiences here in the center for everything I’ve seen, heard and lived.  They would tell the history of when I saw my mother die, and scream that I love her, that I miss her, that I need her, that I would like to be with her, to hug her.  Without her nothing is the same.  Our family isn’t complete without her.

If my ears could speak they would say they would say they hate to hear lies, arguments, insinuations, vulgarities, they have heard a little bit of everything.  Maybe my ears are the dirtiest for hearing all these things I shouldn’t be allowed.  They would tell the story of my friend Coco’s secret, something that happened when she was 15.  They would yell the story to bring justice about and so the person who did damage could pay for what he’s done.

If my nose could speak, it would say how disgusting the smell of baby’s poop and how delicious the smell of chocolate…



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