A Love in Bartolinas

Published By: Olivia

Most adolescents are in constant search for a boyfriend or girlfriend.  Young girls in detention are no exception.  Some have boyfriends on the outside that visit them, many have boyfriends who are also serving time, (communications is tricky) many sadly are widowed, and the single ones search for flings while they’re in the holding cell [known as bartolinas] waiting for their hearings.   The following poem is about an innocent but impossible crush that came to be between her and a boy she met in bartolinas waiting to meet her judge.

A Love in Bartolinas

 Young Woman, age 19

One day without expecting it the following happened to me:
I met a guy, handsome, tall, dark-skinned with light brown eyes
He was well-dressed and carried a really big bible, he looked like a pastor

You know what captivated me about him?
I asked him why he had looked for god
He stayed quiet about 5 seconds
and told me, “Because he wanted me to change the life I was leading.”
I stayed quiet 5 seconds

and we touched hands
I felt butterflies in my stomach, slightly immature for the excitement
he gave me his mom’s phone number for me to call her
and I have dreamed about him that we see each other and many more things

It’s like sustaining the heart with hope
Because I don’t know if one day I will really hug him.
But while I know that he is locked up I can ask my judge to
change my court date

The plan was:
I was going to say he was the father of my daughter and that we knew each other outside
He told me his full name.
He wants to accept me just as I am and not just anyone is like that.
Despite what I have been (that I am here inside) I know that he thinks of me.

This is the point of the year:
We get to see each other in September…


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