Published by: Olivia

This poem was written by a young woman in the center after she learned in history class about congressmen and women in El Salvador who are paid to represent the society (that continues to suffer), and reflects her strong critique of the separation of classes.


Young woman, age 15

Society is lousy, dirty, trash
While high society people enjoy
Life sitting in porcelain chairs
Drinking a nice hot coffee
We the poor suffer
Hunger, cold,
Walking the streets of our Salvador
Trying to bring even just beans for our family.
If only they could accept that from the sweat of our backs
They the richachones* of the high-society eat,
The congressmen from the round table
Just for raising their hand and giving a damned opinion
They are paid a fortune
And we who spend all damn day enduring the sun in our face
When will the day come when there is no difference between
The upper, middle, and lower class …
Cursed society in which we live.
*slang, pejorative for a rich person


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