I’d Like to Fly Free

Published by: Olivia

I’d Like to Fly Free

Young woman, age 15

I would like to be free like a dove, to admire from the sky what God has created for us, to fly over the immense ocean, fly free is what I want, to leave these walls and fly towards where the wind carries me.  I feel like I am a caged bird whose Kings have been cut.  There are moments where I am forgotten and I try to call attention to myself so they remember that I exist.  There are moments in which I can’t go on and I feel like in this dark tunnel there can’t be Light at the end, but time passes and I will never lose hope to someday be able to fly free and be able to fly off course.  When will the day come in which I can break these chains and cross these barriers that keep me from moving forward.  I just want to fly free…


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