I Keep Dreaming

Published by: Olivia

I Keep Dreaming

Young Woman, age 17

I continue another day in the battle
Trying to climb another wall
But I continue to fight
I am sure of my worth
But I hold the bitter taste of rejection

For there is no one to bring me down from the
Instead of criticizing me
Why don’t you climb up here?
This world is very different
From this point of view
If the world is within your reach
Why don’t you conquer it instead?

One day I want them to say “I knew her.”
I knew that this chick would conquer one day
Full of fantasies, full of deceit, full of life
I feel the world is inevitable

And all these people who point at me
And criticize me
All I have to say to them:
God bless you

Now that I am up high looking at this world from
Here up high
And I will teach my own—
That you have to knock on doors with your fists
To keep dreaming
Planting their destiny
And not getting off the path

Because I won’t stray from the paths I’ve been taught


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