Some Lessons

Published by: Olivia

One day about a month ago, I saw a girl I hadn’t seen before crying at the foot of a tree in the yard at the center.  On my way out, I stopped to sit with her for a moment, held her as she cried, and listened as she told me how desperate she felt after being sentenced to 3 years.  I cannot imagine what it must feel like to spend your first few days incarcerated, but my heart broke for this 14-year-old as she said to me, “Now I’m never going to enjoy my teenage years.”  I see her now and she seems adjusted, writing some powerful reflections on  her life and how she wants to live it.

Some Lessons

Young Woman, age 14

We are surrounded by people who teach us lessons, and for us this is where it hurts: all the questions we ask ourselves before acting get tied up with our fears, and these are what hold us back from getting further.

We hold ourselves back without understanding that our solutions and instructions to being happy remain hidden in the deepest part of our subconscious.

Learning to hear ourselves is, in the first place, listening to our bodies, they act with wisdom.  When we are hungry, thirsty, when we feel like dancing, making love, laughing or crying, We must listen to it!

Also, throughout our lives, we can play, love, change, enjoy; we aren’t obligated to cross a valley of tears, we have the right to have boyfriends every once in a while, to make mistakes, to try again; the important thing is to not lose vision of our goal: happiness and the creation of our own paradise.


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