Me, Handcuffed

Published by: Olivia

“Can I talk with you? I need to vent.”  After going to her hearing, this teenage girl was angry and humiliated and wanted to get rid of all the bad energy.  She told me she didn´t know what to write about, so I put this title on a blank sheet and told her to write without stopping.  She only wrote for 4 minutes then told me that she didn´t want to anymore.  In these 4 minutes, she wrote a brief and articulate summary about her experience of being handcuffed.

Me, Handcuffed

Young Woman, age 17

Me, handcuffed like a dog, receiving insults and humiliations without the right to speak up or do anything, depending on the damn prisoner transfer those dogs are trash but one day they will see me free and I will tell them, (hey shithead remember when you transferred me and you made me feel insignificant like the filth of humanity?)  I will laugh in their faces and then I’d leave.  Me, handcuffed and my mom seeing it, something completely painful because she doesn’t deserve what she suffers seeing me enchuchada* I know that she feels a knot in her throat and would like to cry it out but she holds it in for me to say “Mi Ruca”** so strong, and me in handcuffs.

*Synonym for “capture” that refers to being tied up like a dog

**Spanish slang for mother, familiar


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