Between the darkness and the light

Between the darkness and the light
Young woman, age 17

I have eyes that see,
but they don’t see what they want to.
I have ears that hear
something that I want to know.
Either way, I can’t see.

Sometimes you feel that you have a path,
the path is straight,
but you can’t see the end,
it get’s father away.
You’re there, walking,
you look to your left and to your right,
and you know that you can’t go either way.
You continue walking and you long to see what your eyes long to see.
You wish to hear that voice,
wish that your hands could hold the person
that you carry in your mind and your heart.

Sometimes I feel that I’m in a tunnel,
where I run and run and I only see darkness.
My eyes long to see a little bit of light.
I look for an exit but I don’t find it,
a door that is so close to me,
and at the same time, so far.

You feel scared,
knowing that you can’t get out
you can’t see the light.
You feel sadness because you can’t be how you long to be.
You feel bitter
because we make mistakes
and the mistakes of others have affected us as well.

At the end of the tunnel is the opening,
maybe it’s very far away, but it’s there.
Maybe by seeing the light
I would feel happiness from being as I desire to be.
I would feel many conflicting feelings.
Maybe you’re going to trip on the same rocks in the road
that in the past tripped you up.

I’ll feel so many smiles on my face.
I’ll feel like I’m flying,
that I’m going to float into the sky and touch the clouds.
I’ll feel an immense happiness in my heart.
I’ll feel as if the darkness of the night could no longer cause me harm,
and as if the light of the sun were the greatest thing in my life.


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