My First Christmas in the Re-Insertion Center


Published by: Olivia

I sat with a friend of mine because it had been some time since we talked, and I asked her what was good.  She said she was only thinking about behaving well because in three months she has another revision in which she is going to ask for permission to leave on short visits.  “It´s almost December,” she told me, “and I don´t want to spend another Christmas inside…”

My First Christmas in the Re-Insertion Center

Young Woman, age 17

My first Christmas in the center was happy and at the same time sad.  I think I was feeling opposite and conflicting emotions, one moment I forgot and I wanted to take it like any other day but I remembered everything I did during previous Christmases and seeing all of my friends cry I wanted to be strong—I looked to the sky—but when I heard the fireworks I couldn’t hold it in and I cried.  Thoughts came to me about God, and my family, and I gave thanks to God for the New Year that was coming.  Despite the fact that I was locked up, I was alive.  Even now I think God knows what he is doing, although sometimes I don´t understand. 

About an hour after crying, we began to mess around all the crazies, and we played a few pranks.  But some girls didn´t know how to hang out and they got us caught.  Want to know what we did?

Well the women who take care of us gave us soda and I stole a tube of toothpaste and we poured it in, well we put in a little bit and we drank it.  Holy crap but I woke up as if I had gotten really drunk with a hangover and a headache.  It was fun but at the same time sad…

I will never forget this f*cking place.



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