The streets

The Streets
Young woman, 17 years old

Sometimes we think that the street is our friend,
that it will never leave us alone.
It will always be with us,
it will support us in the worst moments of our lives.
What the street offers us
is the best that we could possible have,
you feel at your best on the street.

But when something difficult comes along
you realize that the street doesn’t support you,
that it wasn’t truly your friend like you believed.
The street will always be there to receive us,
but we will never be there to receive it,
because it will never approach us.

The street gives us temptations, vices,
there comes a moment in which the street drives you to the point of despair,
because to be in the street is to give oneself to vice.
You think that what it offers you is good, is perfect,
but it’s a trick.
In the worst moments it’s not with you,
it doesn’t even think about helping.
You feel betrayed, disappointed.
It makes me sad to think of how many moments I spent with the street,
and now that we’re doing badly,
the street isn’t with us when we most need it.

We give love to the street
but the street doesn’t give us love,
it brings us disillusionment.
You feel good to know that it’s waiting for you.
But there’s the catch,
that it’s not always waiting with something good.
Where you fell once, you can fall again.

Despite everything
I’d like to go back to the street.
This time so that I can dominate the street,
not so it can dominate me again with its vices.


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