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Without Being Able To Say It

Published by: Olivia

Beginning to talk today with a young woman, she asked me: “Why do you fall in love with your best friend?”  She told me that when she had the opportunity to tell him on the outside, she didn’t do it, and now on the inside she only thinks of him and what could have been.  The following poem touches many of us who in some moment in our lives did not dare to say “I love you.”

Without Being Able To Say It

Youth, 19-years-old


Of thinking about what cannot happen

Something exciting and disappointing


Constant scenes of a fantasy

Of being able to say (in happiness)

How much I could have loved him


I am daring.

He is sincere.

And in this heart an “I love you” doesn’t fit


This confinement is my exile

Of a love

That I guard in silence


Lost on the moon

Without any answer

Without what I lost, or never had

Without what I dreamed

Without that which will never become reality


This kills me inside

Always thought and never said

Always yearning

Always loved

Always locked up, and in the end forgotten…