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The Ocean and The Sky

Published By: Olivia

When this young woman was reading me this poem, she began to laugh so hard that she couldn’t stop.   She told me that she gave it to a guard who she liked, who had inspired her to write.  When I asked her why, she told me that he reminds her of a guy who she dated on the outside.  These incarcerated girls want to live their adolescence, (they want to fall in love and experiment and go out with their friends) and they are aware that on the inside it´s impossible.  In this poem, she says that the distance between she and he is the same as the distance between the ocean and the sky.


The Ocean and The Sky

Young Woman, 19 years old

One fresh morning like any other

Something beautiful happened to me when I looked around

I bumped into a beautiful gaze, sweet and tender

One of those gazes that with just one someone can rob your heart

A brilliant and incomparable gaze

It was one of those unique gazes

Having it close hipnotizes you and makes you forget everyone and everything

A glance that is hard to come by but when you find it

You try to save it

Like something important and valuable for you

And seeking it and not finding it

Makes you desperate and casts a spell on you

Because it is one of those glances where time doesn’t exist

Only the moment in which you can contemplate it


That gaze reflects your little eyes

In that angelical face

You look so handsome, so sweet and sincere

Like few

I would love to lose myself in your gaze

drown in a kiss from your delicious red lips

cover myself with your arms and find refuge in your chest

but I know that that will never happen

it’s just as impossible as water combining with fire,

the ocean with the sky,

it’s like touching the stars with the tips of my fingers


you are so sacred for me

that I don’t even have to touch you

and not because I don’t want to

but because I shouldn’t


And so for me you will always be

An unreachable love

A long-distance love

An unrequited love

A platonic love


I will be the ocean and you the sky


Her Sadness

Published by: Olivia

This young woman wrote about  her grandmother´s pain for having a child locked up, her pain for not being able to hug her or give her advice or say “I love you.”   Like many other girls, she feels tremendous guilt for the suffering of her grandmother, and remorse because she failed the person who had given her “everything for nothing,” who taught her good from bad.  “I want to pay her back for all the time she had to come see me here.”

Her Sadness

 young woman, 18 years old

I have seen her sitting, crying in her stand, asking God to give me wisdom.  I have seen her telling people that despite what gossipers say I am her daughter.  I have seen her imagining me free with a new life, with new goals.  I have seen her remembering the past, when I came from school to be with her in the stand.  I have seen her looking at my pictures and saying she never imagined her daughter would end up in a place like this.  I have seen her looking at my dolls and remembering when I was little.  I have seen her trying to be strong when she sees my things in boxes, waiting for the day I touch them again.  I have seen her making the food that she used to make me, (sometimes I ate it all and didn’t leave her anything).  Now she eats alone.  I have seen her alone in the house, coming home only to eat and sleep.  And her sadness is my sadness.