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A While Ago

Published by: Olivia

This poem was written by a young woman who was released 10 months ago.  Last year, she published various poems in Hard Lessons, (“Your Terrible Daughter,” “The Only Lost Battle,” “So That You Don’t Know,” and “I Belong to a World of Solitude”) and now she lives with her dad and aunt and studying.  She keeps in touch, she keeps writing, and she keeps impressing me with her simple and wise verses.

A While Ago
Camerón, 16 years old

A while ago now the sun hid itself
A while ago I stopped loving
A while ago I stopped crying
A while ago I stopped feeling
A while ago I stopped believing that love exists.

A while ago I stopped having a mother
A while ago I stopped having a father
A while ago I stopped having a sister
A while ago I exchanged my heart for a stone
A while ago I left behind that stuipid girl

That’s why I am who I am.
I am the picture, the painting,
Of all those people who one day broke my soul and lied to me.
Cry, cry
It’s all I did.

But now I walk proudly,
Because everything in this life is trial and error.
Trial and error.
And I already made my mistakes.



The Day My Mom Went to Jail

Published by: Olivia

The Day My Mom Went to Jail

Young girl, 17 years old

The day my mom went to jail
was the first time I had sex.
It was the day I turned 15
I gave in because I was depressed.

The day I decided to let my life go
I began to walk the streets,
to collect extortions and steal,
I had to help my siblings.

The day I went to visit my mom
I didn’t want her to realize what was going on.
“I thought you were going to be a better daughter.”
“I thought you were going to be with me.”

The day they killed my aunt,
they cut her up, they tortured her
I decided to join, too
So I could die like her

The day I got locked up,
I realized all my mom had suffered.
I regretted having turned to the streets.
Now not even her love can save me.