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The Street

The Street

Bad Girl

These girls in juvie say they know how to fight
That they can do everything
That they have tricks you don’t have
That the street is just messing around

-They don’t know what the street is-

Living in the street is risking you will get beat up
It’s not having a roof over your head
It’s enduring big storms and cold
It’s going hungry
It’s finding friends who only introduce you to bad things
It’s ending up in prison or the hospital –with luck-
It’s having to obey your click’s leader
Instead of your mom and dad
It’s exposing your self to murder and rape
It’s not having comfort from anyone

These girls are proud to say they are from the streets
Because they don’t know what it is like to grow up there.
The streets are nothing great,
It’s the worst thing that can happen to you.
If I would have known what the street was about
I wouldn’t have chosen it.
But this is my path…


Why do we do them favors?

Published by: Olivia

Many incarcerated women and girls are behind bars for doing favors for gang members (pick up extortion Money, move weapons, sell drugs, assist in kidnappings, etc.).  These women put themselves at serious risk for their partners and the guys from their barrio, and afterwards many feel disillusioned and abandoned as they pay time for these crimes (alone).  Many times, when a woman goes to jail, her boyfriend leaves her for another.  Nevertheless, women seldom question their reason for doing favors for the homeboys.  Yesterday, I asked a girl why she did, and the following poem is a result of that conversation.

Why do we do them favors?

Youth, 18-years-old

I did it
I have thought and thought
And never come to a conclusion
Most people do it for money
Some do it because they are afraid
Maybe I did it to be liked
To take care of them
I came to care about these dummies
But I never thought I would pay
These guys can’t do what a civilian can
There’s no way a homeboy is going to move a missile
He looks too “bad”
But a woman can put on her skirt, her heels
In her purse she can carry weed or guns
And a male cop cannot pat her down
They use women
In that sense, women are dumb
A woman says “yes” to everything
I still don’t understand why
But here I am, thinking